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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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be reasonable and fair or they won't.e professor, great to see you. that's right. thanks so much. we are out of time. thanks for watching, thanks for trusting us. sean hannity, right now. >> sean: think you and welcome to "hannity" paired we begin with this fox news alert. tonight, the deadline for george's recount is less than three hours away. still at this hour voters in the peach state have more questions than answers and thousands of uncounted ballots, most of which were casper president trump they've just been turning up all week. 2,755 ballots just unearthed. another 284 were discovered in walton county. this all in addition to the 2600 uncounted ballots in floyd county that were discovered just a couple of days ago. if you're keeping track, that's over 5,600 uncounted votes located in the past week. two weeks later. now, in a state with a razor-thin margin of now just
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over 12,000, that is a serious problem. always want to have faith trust, confidence in our election system, but the issues in georgia don't end there. one county, a purported human error during the recount, might have given thousands of extra votes to joe biden if not for one extremely attentive observer. according to george's republican party chairman, it was a 9,000 vote discrepancy that was signed off by two officials in dekalb county, georgia, and would not have been discovered before the republican observer. we didn't have observers that most of the states the legal statutory language says you can have one. yet another perfect example why election observers are critical if we want free and fair caections in this country. but in almost every state where the law guarantees partisan observers the right to watch the boats start to finish and the vote count, the law was never
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followed. state after state we saw partisan observers blocked from performing their important legal duty and their right to do and what was a clear violation of law, many observers were reportedly only admitted to monitor poll workers -- let's see, 6 feet, 20 feet, 100 feet. let's say you have perfect 20/20 vision.. catch a mathematical error in fine print from six, 20, or 100 feet away. impossible. this was one of the many serious issues in the all-important swing state also of michigan. according to numerous now sworn affidavits in wayne county "allegations include workers coaching people on how to vote peaking at the ballots to see how people voted before processing them and preventing
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republican poll inspectors from being able to effectively watch the counting process" and last night, because of all these irregularities and accusations of fraud, well, there were two republicans on the county 'has board of canvassers that said you know what, we can't justify certifying the election result. that is, until -- well, they did that and they were called racist. families threatened. they were outing where their kids went to school and during a public, you know comment period all on a zoom call -- you can't make this up, take a look. >> your grandchildren are going to think of you like bull conno. or george wallace. >> shame on you for leading to this level of corruption! you have disavowed your right to even sit in the seat that you occupy! you are a disgrace! >> tonight it is as though the 15th amendment was never passed. >> it was then disingenuous to assert that this is anything other than two members using
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their positions to cast doubtwo both on the votes of african-american voters and the work of those who counted them. >> because what the both of you are doing right now is adding to systemic racism. >> sean: just a small example of the truly vile smears leveled against the two g.o.p. members on wayne county board of canvassers and unfortunately this kind of hysteria, vitriol is not unique to detroit. all over the country democrats their allies, the media mob completely apoplectic thathe republicans are attempting to verify the election results. according to them, it is unpatriotic, even treasonous, to investigate sworn affidavits of their fellow citizens alleging real election misconduct. take a look. >> breaking overnight, american democracy. actually it didn'tiz break but t wasn't for lack of trying for president a dizzying 12 hour period where
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the president assaulted dedicated civil servants while simultaneously trying to undermine the outcome of an election. >> the losers in the republican leadership should take a page and don't lecture us anymore about patriotism or about putting country over party. or rather putting party over country, which is what they didi >> i never thought i'd see a daywear use are pretty much much an entire party in thisis country refused to accept election results. >> this is like a sick childish fantasy that these republicans -- okay -- are basically tiptoeing around donald trump. >> sean: we could just replay their four years of craziness -- are they that out of touch with who they really are? date, phony, faint selective outrage, pretty much something to behold. sean davis, federalist rights on twitter democrats, the mediae accused george w. bush of
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stealing the election that he was involved in in 2000. they spread a conspiracy theory bush was involved in 9/11. they accused bush of intentionally lying about weapons of mass destruction in iraq, claiming electronic voting machines stole the election for bush in '04. that was democrats. and of course they spread the hoax that president trump was a russian agent. they spread those lies and slander for, what, three straight years. justice kavanaugh pretty much called a rapist and everything in between. they said violent riots in the summer were peaceful. member the banner from fake news cnn? fiery but mostly peaceful protests. that was the background. take a look at that. they accused republicans especially president trump nazis, you know the names they say and let me add, by the wayey stacey abrams in georgia, still has not conceded her gubernatorial race in georgia from 2018.,s loved by the democrats in the media. the president wants to take ave few weeks, count every legal vote, investigate every claim of fraud and abuse in the media acts like the world is ending. obviously with amnesia the last four years. i don't care about the thousands of previously uncounted votes we are discovering just this week in georgia.
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they don't care about the two men charged in california. why? submitting 8,000 ballot applications for fake or dead voters. don't seem to care about the impending possible recounts in wisconsin after allegations over voter fraud they are carried by election officials in two heavily democratic counties. in fact, breaking tonight democrats are trying to change -- get this -- thee state's recount rules in wisconsin to actually make it more difficult to review mail in ballots.ll after the vote. clearly they don't care about the validity of any of those ballots. they don't care about partisan election observers blocked from polling locations. they don't care about the chaos causing widespread made in voting and by the way mail-in voting they don't care about outdated voter rolls and the lack of voter i.d.
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that leaves states vulnerable to fraud and to abuse and how can anyone have confidence in any ov this?? they don't care about security they don't care about the m accuracy of voting machines that they themselves and "the new york times" and princeton professors, and the ap, all criticized. they don't care about any of it because they got the result they wanted.y and for them, that's all that matters. now, the left in this country o they are not valuing freedom fairness, truth, equal justiceed or the rule of law. we watched that for four straight years. they want is power and of course to slander donald trump every second of every day. by the way, the coming weeks and months, you know, fundamentally could alter this country, our way of life. here with the very latest of what's going on in his varying states, kayleigh so let's start with georgia again today, so we have three counties where magically this week we find all these votes. now i guess then we have the verification signature double standard. we've talked at length about that. and then what's the latest on the ground there? >> yeah, that's it, sean.
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you hit the nail on the head. as they finishing up the recounts by midnight tonight they will submit those results but as president trump had noted and he's absolutely right about this, if you're not verifying signatures, if you're following the rules of stacey abrams, who refused to concede, who still thinks she's the governor of georgia, how good in fact is your recount and recount which was in fact found three tranches of ballots previously undiscovered, all of which happen to favor donald trump chances eventually and increases vote total. so how good is that recount isum the president has noted? >> sean: you know, when a poll observer now found a 9,000 vote discrepancy in georgia, and then you think that all of the states that didn't have the partisan observers that the legal statute allows, it makes you wonder, yot know, how did you put trust in that?at but i'm trying to understand, if the losses clearly partisan observers get to see the vote counting start to finish and
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they're not allowed to see it in the law is not followed, then you're never going to have the confidence that the law was meant to instill, right?is >> yeah, sean, that's exactly right and in particular in a place like pennsylvania, i was contacted today, i found out about a few cases and there are declarations that support this that there were multiple individuals in a state like pennsylvania. this is going to back up your y point, who went to the polls and said i'm here to vote in person and they were told a wait, you already voted by mail. well, they never requested a mail-in vote, nor did they ever return a mail-in vote and they cast up provisional vote in that instance in their vote was never counted. this is why you need poll watchers to verify that thatat mail-in vote is actually the person whose name is attached to
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it. it's why having poll observers a football field away, as they proceed to count 627,000 votes in pennsylvania, is such a travesty. >> sean: let me go to wisconsin. i had a long discussion reince priebus will be on the program tomorrow, that thet election committee and admissions committee is trying to change the rules to review absentee ballots, trying toy change it in terms of showing the actual application, which the rule calls for. they're trying to do it now at this late date, which means -- that means they sensed trouble. people claimed they were indefinitely confined. that went up like three or fourfold from the last election. clerks then allowed people to vote early apparently and vote absentee early, which the law doesn't allow also, is that all going on? a is that all proven? >> that's exactly right. so we filed this petition in wisconsin for a recount into counties. it's exactly as you described it. one of those counts says in the state of wisconsin if you are indefinitely confined, you can cast an absentee ballot without showing voter i.d.
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last election, 72,000 people did that. this election, 240,000 people did that, presumably using covid and fears of covid as an excuse as a way to circumvent voter i.d. but at the very top of your question you hit a key point sean. we filed this recount -- three competition and in it we alleged that we need to see the absentee voter application because it's an important aspect of wisconsin law and they weren't doing these applications, they were just getting people ballots and as we speak right now, you have the election board trying to change the way the recount laws work to make sure that we are not able to count those applications fory absentee ballots because they see just how strong this petition is. we will see how they vote, it will probably come down during your program. >> sean: and what's the latest out of nevada? >> out of nevada, we filed ae complaint yesterday. there are a lot of irregularities there, and particularly needed machine to verify signatures, which is verh inaccurate and that machineo
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found that only 30% of the ballots should be counted because only 30%% of the signatures matched, which is a highly unlikely probability, so there are some issues there that we are looking into as well. >> sean: all right kayleigh mcenany, thanks for the nightly update, we appreciated as you said many times, this is america, right? we developed two covid vaccines the first identified case was january 21st of this year and we did it in less than a year. pretty amazing, right? you wouldn't know it by ourme election systems because they now represent a train wreck, but only in certain states. so how do you fix it? how do we count every legal vote in a fast, secure, verifiable way like they do in florida and ohio? how do we prevent fraud, abuse changing laws after the game isn played? because we the american people you deserve better than the chaos that we see. and we've been watching unfold now over the past two weeks. congress meant jim jordan will be here with some news on that in a minute.
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but first, breaking only a couple of minutes ago, two republican led committees in the senate, they released more finding surrounding the biden family 'a sketchy international business ties. i'm sure that the media mob protection program will protect zero-experience hunter again but apparently hunter was attempting to capitalize on his family name, negotiate business deals out of china and russia an late as 2017. according to the report, "these new records confirm the connections between the biden family and communist chinese government as well as the links between hunter biden's business associates and the russian government and further support the committee 'of september 20 2020 report enter findings that such relationships created counterintelligence and extortion concerns post quote. here with reaction, ranking
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member of the house judiciary committee jim jordan along with laura congressman -- a great new book out. i forget the name of that book again, what was the name of that book? >> firebrand! >> sean: firebrand on jim, let's start with -- we've got ron johnson glass lid update. we wished atomic wish him the best. i heard he tested positive. let's get an update on that and also where you see all these laws that are being obeyed. why do we have laws if we are not going to even pay attention to them or we are going to change them after the election or two days before the election? >> yeah, the fundamental a question on your latter point ig why? why don't democrats want to get to the bottom of all the irregulars, all the problems we saw on the 2020 election? for goodness sake, georgia just found three counties where they hadn't even counted thousands of votes in 60 days after the election, so [indiscernible] today first call for an investigation. we sent a letter to mr. nadler and chairwoman maloney. why don't you guys investigate? the committees aren't even meeting this week. why not? why not look into this? so that to me is the fundamental question. same democrats who told us that the rioters and looters all summer long were peaceful protesters are not the same ones telling us we can trust the vote when everything shows all the problems, kayleigh just went through them all. let's look for the information and when it comes to the hunter biden story, bill barr should name a special counsel. that simple, name a special counsel to look into that situation.
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>> sean: joe -- i'm sorry matt.l >> i would suggest that the president isn't fighting for his own blood go fortunes in his legal battles, is fightingis for the rest of us. we all deserve elections where we don't have people voting in more than one state. we don't have people voting after they changed their addreso and the scale is now reaching some significance. in georgia, these mistakesrg aren't in the tens or hundreds of votes, they are in the thousands of votes. maybe we have to put the people who ran operation warp speed in charge of counting the ballots in georgia and they'd be able to get us a result by now, but here's the thing, sean. if we can flip georgia by,in showing that there was not accurate counting there, then i think it pulls back the whole veneer that the media and others -- >> sean: hey matt. have you been watching the secretary of state?
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that secretary of state in georgia is more interested in lying and attacking lindsey graham and doug collins then he is about the thousands and thousands of votes we are finding a couple of weeks after the election. when the governor who should be -- >> this is just the beginning -- what's that? this is just the beginning of that audit. it's not as if they have completed a review and its 9,00 ballots in the discrepancy category. that's just dekalb county, so when you get to moving well beyond that, we have an expectation that there could be other errors that literally could flip the outcome in georgia and once georgia flips we got a lot of questions about pennsylvania, whether it's the spike in 90-year-olds, more ofo them registering in the last year to vote than in the prior four years combined, including two election years, i think that when we really dig into the circumstantial data and the real
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data, we will find out that there was ballot laundering going on here and when you pair that with a lack of observation it really raises more questions. observation of ballots should not be a game of hide and seek right? you shouldn't have to be 100 feet away trying to engage in a signature match. this ought to be precise and it ought to be clear and we are getting anything from precision and clarity out of georgia, and pennsylvania in particular right now. >> sean: florida had problems but boy, ron desantis straight of them all out and it went perfectly, same with ohio. jim jordan, so what are the next steps here? look at what they're trying to do in wisconsin. let's change the law now just before we do all of this investigation, right? >> the main thing is what thehi process work out. we've got 26 days until the electoral college that is enough time for us to look what happens and see what happens in the legal cases, see what happens withh the recounts with the audits and in georgia you've had three counties. there are 156 other counties in the state of georgia. you've got a secretary of state that beasley doesn't know what he's doing. frankly i think doug collins should challenge the secretary of state and run against him in two years. i think that would be better for
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the state of georgia and better for the whole country, so let's let the process play out. let's let the law, the process and the constitution work exactly like it's supposed to let's get to the bottom of all this, as matt said, for the good of the country, for the good of this election, for the good of the united states of. >> sean: but why only a couple of states? both your states did great. why these important -- why here? why only here and not in other places? >> well it seems to be the states that stopped counting on election night that our swing states that have all the problems. the ones that kept counting one quarter, ohio, we didn't have any problem so all the states of sort of halted accounts for a while and picked it up later that seems to be all the states that have the problems, so let's make sure we get to the bottom -- i thought pennsylvania was the worst.t. now i think georgia is giving pennsylvania a run for the money just how bad, how inefficiently they ran a selection. >> sean: and you know what matt, democrats are going to want more mail-in ballots, more early voting, but we will have elections that go on in perpetuity. maybe three months, four months and then maybe we will count them for another 12 months and make sure that they get the outcome that they want. it seems that -- this election day. >> dead people don't vote when they do they prefer to vote by mail. when we all showed up at the local elementary school and voted in person, we know the results of the election that night and if it was super close maybe early the next morning
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but now as democrats have separated the verification process from the voting process we start to see these irregularities like in wayne county where there are concerns that there are more cast ballots than there are actual voters and that is only exacerbated by a system that reduces the ability to have real-time verification like a human being standing there actually voting and i dodo predt that if the democrats get more power in washington, they'll do everything they can to try to keep that power by eroding the integrity of the votes. jim and i will have a role to play fighting back against that but so do state legislatures and secretaries of state and chief election officials, we need them to buck up and realize that our democracy is at stake. >> sean: do a favor, go to georgia, talk to thehe governor and secretary of state they could learn something from you. thank you both.
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when we come back, speaking to georgia, the runoff race there could not be more critical. balance of power in the senate at stake. senator david perdue, karl rove will break it down, next. ♪
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>> sean: like i've been saying, we need to do everything we can to support kellye loeffler, david perdue in a january 5th georgia senate
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runoff to stop this far left power grab in its tracks or get ready for two new states -- that means four democrat asked senator's and democratic senate in perpetuity, a packed supreme court, abolishing theli electoral college end of legislative filibuster. tonight we are learning even more about the extremism of this new crop of georgia democrats. for example, senator perdue's opponent, jon ossoff, is still trying, out-promoting the tiktok despite partisan concerns about national security involved in the chinese commonest party. not only that, but [indiscernible] paid thousands to his media company according to records. two pretty radical, extreme socialist democrats, reliable votes for biden ands. kamala harris. or rubber-stamp chuck schumer's
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agenda.r that's pretty much what's at stake and raise taxes, open their borders, abolish fossil fuel, pack the court and put us into bankruptcy. here to explain, georgia senator david perdue. you know, you got so close, but this -- those are the rules -- talk about the governor and the secretary of state and all these votes we are finding in georgia. >> well, first of all, sean, i have to tell you, i think president trump has every right to demand that every legal vote be counted and every illegal vote be removed and that's what's at stake here. we are in the fight of our lives here.tu this is -- we are the last line of defense in georgia. that's what makes every vote count right now in this. if we win torture, we save america. frankly, that's why you need your viewers to help us to chip in a few bucks to help us, right now we are in the process of trying to find out. we just found a few thousand votes that have disappeared for the last week and a half that you showed up and now
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president trump is within 10,000 votes of biden in georgia and i'm right now 10,000, even oy won by two points, i'm still about 10,000 votes away from the 50% margin that you have to get in georgia or go into this nine week runoff. >> sean: you know, i lived for years in georgia. i love the state, love the people of the state, and i cannot believe what's unfolding. how is it even possible that this could happen two weeks after an election and when you identify the differences between you and your opponent and what these two senate races mean, are the people of georgia keenly aware? did they understand how big this is? this is it, all eyes on georgia? >> well, kelly loeffler and i are the republican candidates for these two seats and as i said the majority comes down to these two seats. w it's our job to make sure thatdi the people of georgia know just what's at stake, but we know what the democrats want to do. you've just highlighted most of it but they want illegal immigrants to vote.
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they want to defund the police they want to take away our private health insurance and they want to stack the courts. that's not what our government has always been about. it's been about checks and balances in what schumer said the other day that if we would not georgia would change america, aoc said we are all about -- we want to win those two seats because we do not want to negotiate. she wants the green new deal. we've got to make sure the people in georgia turn out again.erd we've already beaten the democrats, 52.5% of georgia voters rejected this liberal left move that the democrats are trying to perpetrate and i think that's a big sign that nobody is talking about. >> sean: i hope the people -- are you talking to the people in georgia, and how are they reacting to this unfolding mass there and do they -- in other words, is there a groundswell of anger that is going to push people to the polls, or maybe they throw their hands up, why bother after i'm watching this adam schiff show? >> well, it could go either way.
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i think there are a lot of voters were trumped voters inid georgia who are disheartened they are angry because they think the president did not get a fair shake in georgia. we know there are in proprieties in georgia and they are being investigated right now. what we are trying to do is make sure that those same opportunities for impropriety are not there with a january 5th election. i mean, this is what -- we've got to convince people that their vote is going to be counted and it's going to be accounted for accurately. and so that's the biggest thingu our job right now is to make sure that the base gets out and votes and knows how important this is. this is the fight of our lives sean.nd as you said over and over this week if we lose the seats, weca may not get another shot at this because schumer will get a perpetual majority and we won't be able to break through their when he adds two new states and four new democratic seats. this is the fight of our lives to make sure that we continue to have a balanced approach to government in america. >> sean: senator, i cannot even put enough emphasis on how accurate you are. senator perdue, we will keep
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following it. i hope the people of georgia -- the country need you badly. here to break it down, former white house beta chief of staff fox news contributor, karl rove. i've read that you might be involved in some fund-raising efforts there. if you are, good, you're good at that. you're good at a lot of things. break it down for us, karl. >> well, i am involved, the national chairman of the joint fund committee between the purdue campaign and the loeffler campaign and the republican senatorial committee. the full disclosure, i am deeply let's not kid ourselves. this is a real race. biden won the state of georgia so republicans can't take it for granted. demographics change. , it's increasingly people from out of, younger people, more liberal people. stacey abrams, she has spent -- they what you will about her she spent tens of millions of other people's money to build up
10:31 pm
a giant geo tv machine and it's revved up and going in the votes start on december 7th when you can mail in ballots and then chuck schumer, he wants to -- he has spent every -- think about this, spent $84 million to try and defeat lindsey graham. spent ungodly month of money similar amount of money to defeat mitch mcconnell. you don't think is going to pour money into the state? so those of the advantages the democrats have. t on the other hand, we have some advantages. perdue was 87,000 votes ahead of jon ossoff and only failed to get 50% because there was a libertarian candidate. libertarians are not going to come out and vote for the socialist, let me tell you that. we got republicans in the jungle primary. the republican candidates outnumber the democratic candidates and the winner of the democrat sweepstakes there raphael warnock, ran behind whaa people anticipated he would run best advantage. these democrats are on the left particularly warnock.t, this guys like -- you can'til serve god in the military. if you're in the military, yout
10:32 pm
can't serve god. i mean, socialism is getting a bad word, youth minister, hosted fidel castro. as it minister in atlanta hosted reverend jeremiah wright and then when his anti-semitic comments came out, defended him. this guy is a lefty in favor of any nostra in the bernie sanders playbook and then geo tv. both these candidates, david perdue, who you just saw, and kelly loeffler both understand they are building a state of the art get out the vote operation using lots of georgians and plenty of volunteers coming in from outside of the state. and finally, the argument that senator perdue laid out. the only way to rein in the excesses of a democratic white house and the democratic house of representatives is to have a republican senate. he put it right. this is the last line of defense for conservative values. if we don't control -- have a
10:33 pm
republican majority in the u.s. senate, then they are going to have come as you said earlier, a clear path to this nutty agenda get rid of the 60 vote rule pass every nutting ostrom and lock in a governing democratic left majority for decades to come. so money marbles and chalk as we say in texas. >> sean: two things -- i'm not -- it got to give stacey abrams credit. she has built up a powerful mail-in ballot, you know, force for the democrats. the republicans ready to match that, number one. number two, how are georgians going to react to oh, we just found 6,000 ballots this week and the mask that has been created down there? i think a lot of them are probably ticked off. do they feel disenfranchised and want to throw their hands up, or are they motivated, can't get to the polls soon enough? >> well, the republicans are going to build a big get out the vote machine. they briefed me on it. they've already begun -- people started -- >> sean: as big a stacey
10:34 pm
abrams? because she's got over 600,000 ready to go. >> well, she may have come up with the republicans are heading for bigger numbers and i've got to tell you, they've got to do some catch up because she's been spending -- what's interesting is, tax-free dollars. she's been doing political work with tax-free dollars for years when i think in violation of the law, but she is now the supposedly nonpartisan voter registration get out the vote effort and put it into a partisan context. there were all kind of problems with that but the republicans are going to have a good machine to get out the vote, but you put your finger on it. how do people feel? are people going to say, you know what, i voted fort donald trump, he didn't win reelection, he didn't carry our state, i'm staying home, are they going to say i voted for donald trump because i believed in a conservative agenda and iex want that agenda advanced, i don't want it demolished. i don't want what he has done an office to be -- you know, the tax cuts, the policy put in place, the conservative judges -- i don't want that
10:35 pm
wiped out and i'm going to turn out and vote, and that's going to be the message that david purdue and kelly loeffler are going to have to get across here in the next 40 some odd days, 40 days -- 47 days. >> sean: i'm not trying to be insulting -- do they have the right team in place? and i'm asking honestly because there's no time enough to play around here. do they have our best people behind the scenes that do the best ads, the best ability to get mail in votes and build up that base and get people to them polls gimmick are you confidento >> you know what, one of the things that happened as they both took a look at their operations and said you know what, we did good, but we can du better and they brought new people in, they brought their teams together. there are a bunch of adults down there, which i really like. you get in a situation like this and a lot of times there's soou much pressure and so much controversy and people start going up against each other sharp elbows start going and t then you start seeing it being leaked to the press, this guy's an idiot, that guy is not, this person is really good, that person is not. none of that. instead, what you're seeing is a group of adults who say, you know what, we were in a tough fight in november, we are going to be in a bigger fight in
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january. we need help, and so they brought people in will have the confidence not only of the candidates but of their colleagues and i'm pretty optimistic that it's going to be a hard fight, but i think we can prevail. >> sean: you got things given coming. you got christmas week new year's week and then you come back on monday, you vote on tuesday. hi -- >> start voting -- right, better than that, start voting by mail. >> sean: right, now. >> in the early voting. getz, get to the polls, because the last thing we want as an ice storm on january 5th in north georgia and all those good republican voters not able to get to the polls, so that your mail ballot, send it in immediately, go to the poll when they open up early, get your vote cast. thank that vote before election day, that's exactly what the democrats are doing, the republicans better do the same. >> sean: called black ice on the pavement, asphalt, not good. you're right. vote early and everyone in georgia, there's a lot here on the line. when we combat, more examples liberal leaders not following their own jacobian covid restrictions.
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we are governor cuomo got pretty testy with reporters when asked if schools are going to shut down or remain open. wait until you see this tape straight ahead. ♪ (calm inspirational music)
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, in new york, new york city schools will shut down tomorrow after coronavirus tests positivity rates hit the 3% threshold, but well, new yorkte governor andrew cuomo apparently missed the memo because he was suggesting schools would stay open, had an absolute meltdown on reporters when pressed to a answer key questions about the future of in person learning. take a look. >> for the millions of parents want to know, our schools going to open tomorrow in
10:41 pm
new york city? >> first of all, let's not try to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone. o because you're 100% wrong. we announced the orange zone law over a month ago. i don't know if you were here or if you are paying attention. what are you talking about? you're not going to override -- we did it already! that's the law! and orange zone and a red zone. follow the facts! >> i'm just so confused. >> well then you're confused! >> [indiscernible]. >> i don't really care what you think. >> sean: right after that they announced it -- anyway, now we're learning more tonight about california governor gavin newsom's fancy dinner party where he was caught breaking his own jacobian covid-19 re restrictions. look at this, new photos obtained by fox 11 to foster
10:42 pm
this bill on a showing newsom seated with a large group. they looked pretty close together. not a lot of social distancing. california's famous french laundry restaurant. never heard of it. all masks, no social distancing elbow to elbow and it gets worse because of the same dinner where california medical association officials -- you can't make this up -- which exposes all the rampant hypocrisy even more, but they want you to think about no thanksgiving. over in pennsylvania, far left governor tom wolf now ordering ridiculous new rules requiring masks in your home when people from other household are gathered. california senator dianne feinstein, she was seen on capitol hill -- oh my gosh, -- without her ask yourself, why is it that the decision-makers, those who are supposed to be the experts are well, defying their own rules for us only? totally okay imposing to crony lockdowns, breaking their ownls covid restrictions and it's way
10:43 pm
past time that they are held accountable, but also tonight more good news in the race for that vaccine. pfizer now says it's vaccine candidate shows a 95% efficacy rate and plans to formallyci request emergency authorization within days, here with reaction, radio talk show host larry elder alono with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. larry, 1.0, i still haven't seen the hat yet. okay -- >> [laughs] >> sean: look, i happen to be a believer -- like all these kids are coming home from] college, right? okay, kids don't even know a lot of times that they have it. a lot of kids from school, they are going to see grandma and grandpa, mom and dad. i personally would recommend you do everything possible to protect them. that's my view. but the idea the government isdo going to mandate all this is never going to happen especially with great leadership like i just mentioned. >> right. you know, shawn, i'm born and raised in california and i am shocked at the way people have just fallen over and follow these guidelines.
10:44 pm
i would've thought there would have been massive civil disobedience, but i am shocked shocked, to find out that hypocrisy here in california -- as you pointed out, there were members of the california medical association at this dinner and they said that they were there and they were following the guidelines, but the governor apologized for not following the guidelines. you have the top medical officials disagreeing about what the guidelines are in new york you've got cuomo saying the schools are not going to be shut down. if got de blasio saying they are in donald trump has not gi given us clear guidelines. these guys are clueless and as you pointed out, dr. faucif march 8th was talking about doubting the effectiveness of masks and donald trump is accused of -- carl bernstein said homicidal negligence. the blood of a quarter of a million americans are on his hands when you have all these democrats who are confused giving us inconsistent advice and not following their own guidelines. my goodness! i can't make it up. >> sean: you really can't.
10:45 pm
you got the law, which i want to get your thoughts on -- okay that's number one. the sad thing is operation warp speed was donald trump and a lot of money and he did build the hospitals that were never used in new york and california. the hospital beds that he built and the ventilators that we never ran out of in the ppe, the mask, the gowns, the gloves, the shields, all of it because none of these governors were ready. he did all that, never seems to get any credit and remember original estimates two and a half million people would die from this thing. >> you know, this was one of the greatest scientific achievements in american history, maybe world history, and democrats and the media hate donald trump so much all they can do is criticize him for engineering and funding and pushing relentlessly operation warp speed in eight months, a 95% effective vaccine, what
10:46 pm
would otherwise take a decade. think of the millions of lives that will be saved. and yet democrats in the media all they can do is criticize donald trump governor andrew cuomo even threatened to sue president trump over this.s. and cuomo, this is the guy whose reckless order to send covid patients into nursing homes directly caused the deaths of thousands of people. he won't take responsibility for it. in fact, he won't admit he ordered it, although it there it is in print in black and white. instead, all he does is yuck it up on cnn with his brother chris cuomo, cracking jokes and making fun of it all as 33,000 new yorkers died as a result of covid, but the biggest fool and hypocrite award clearly -- >> sean: let me ask you this -- >> gavin newsom. go ahead. >> sean: i want to -- just because -- i've been having this battle on my radio show.
10:47 pm
half my friends think i'm nuts because i get a flu shot every year and i said i absolutely would take the vaccine. both of you have libertarian leanings. larry, where are you on this? >> i'm going to take the vaccine.. absolutely i will. >> sean: me too! >> i took the flu shot every year. it isn't that i trust the government, i'm trying to minimize the possibility that i contract the flu. >> sean: half my friends think i'm nuts. the other half agree. greg, i'm curious. >> yeah, i took the flu shot just last week. i do it every year. i will absolutely take the vaccine. there are some countries that are in fact considering making it mandatory, everybody has to take the covid vaccine. a >> sean: what are you going to do, tie people down and put the shot and then? >> then you've got kamala harris, who is suggesting in a debate that she might not take the vaccine because donald trump was behind the
10:48 pm
development of the vaccine, even though it was done by highly regarded scientists and pharmaceutical companies -- >> sean: how about we believe -- >> the fda will have to approve it based on safety. >> sean: i believe in freedom. all right, people can choose -- do your own reading, talk to her own doctors. when we combat, a group of harvard students reportedly now seeking to ban any members of the trump administration from even speaking on campus. ♪ arm
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>> sean: all right, so now during the phony calls for unity, the left continues to demonize the president and his t supporters, conservatives. in the latest on, a petition reportedly circulating atnd harvard seeking to ban all former trump administration officials from attending teaching, or even speaking at the university. meanwhile, democrats continue to fight amongst themselves following major house losses but as utah republican congressman-elect recently said burgess owens, the democratic party's pivot to the far left is what ultimately hurt his opponent in the swing district. joining us now congressman-elect burgess owens and trump 2020 director of press communications erin perrine. burgess, number one, i think my endorsement tipped the balance i don't know. >> thank you so much. >> sean: congratulations. do you like this better than
10:53 pm
winning the super bowl? >> this is the biggest game in town right now, for our country so i am thankful to be aik participant on the field. i think everyone out there who not only supported me but pray for our success. thank you again for that. >> sean: i was watching you this weekend, and i wanted to hear what you had to say. you had an analysis of what had happened in the race, all of the improprieties, watching it unfold. you see the biggest increase in african-american voters for trump, and hispanic-americans and other demographics. nobody seems to want to talk about that part. >> well, i tell you what. >> no, they don't want to talk about it. >> sean: oh, i'm sorry. erin first. >> they wouldn't want to talk about it. why would they? it doesn't fit their narrative who they think trump supporters are republicans are, and incredible incoming freshman member of congress, and every democrat unseated in the househe
10:54 pm
of representatives in this election was done so by either a republican woman, a minority, or a veteran, or a veteran of the super bowl, as well. we talk about the incredible incoming class on the fact democrats and some in the mainstream media want to try to silence us, it is no wonder harvard is trying to have students say we shouldn't be there, if it is up to them or aoc, personally threatening text messages i received my phone they don't like what they see in the republican party because it is not what they expected under donald trump. they want to silence that u success, but unfortunately they're not going to be able to do that. we're not going to be intimidated. they want to watch fireworks at our people, sucker punch us shut us down on tv, we will stand strong in the fact donald trump delivered a boomin economy, multiple vaccines for the coronavirus, a better america now than ever before and it's too bad for them that they felt so left behind thatr they thought this was the republican party they could put in one corner, and every time they turn around, a bigger better, more inclusive party
10:55 pm
because of donald trump and the incredible republican leadership, not only in the senate, but in the house with the incoming -- hopefully someday speaker -- kevin mccarthy. hmi >> sean: burgess, i think these voters, 11 million more 12 million more than the last time for trump, you've got the democratic party like then coastal elitee party, california san francisco, l.a., new york d.c. then you've got donald trump's coalition of the new republican party, which would be working men and women, the people that really, truly make america great. and also with record low unemployment for african-americans and hispanic-americans, you see this dramatic increase in the vote among these demographics -- really, for donald trump. i wouldn't even argue for the republican party. what does that tell you, what is now the future? e >> the future is going to be great for our country.ou with the left doesn't understand is the dna of the american people.
10:56 pm
we don't like bullies, we don't like cowards, we don't like being attacked for trying to be free, and americans are waking up. this last election, so many more millions of people saying this is the way to go, and we are not going to stand by and let them take us in a different direction. i'm excited about what will happen coming in, and this freshman class, sean, is going to be remarkable. just get ready for a remarkable powerful, patriotic class coming aboard. >> sean: congratulations on your great win congressman-elect. erin, keep fighting, great job. more "hannity" when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> sea >> sean: all right unfortunately that is all theti time we have left on this program tonight. a special message to the people of georgia. i lived there four great years from '92 to '96. "the atlanta journal-constitution" said 1996 was a great year, the olympics came and hannity left. coming to fox news. anyway.
11:00 pm
there is a lot at stake, and you are going to have an opportunity to get your mail-in ballot early. we, as a country, will get on our hands and knees and beg, you can help save the country. all eyes on georgia. set your dvr never missed an episode. let not your heart be troubled because butterball turkey fryer laura ingraham is next. >> laura: is that all we're ever going to talk about? if you look we have to expand -a >> sean: saw the video. >> laura: we have to expand our repertoire of jokes between us. >> sean: no, it is not a joke. i watched the video on twitter. >> laura: i'm going to do it. i have it all planned out. >> sean: okay. >> laura: i have the apron, i have everything ready. >> sean: [laughs] it's going to be tucker hannity, and ingraham. >> laura: it will be the ingraham apron that i've promote on the show. absolutely. hannity, awesome show tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington